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Kang Dixing brand culture

The brand culture is the definition of the social attributes of the brand, brand culture characteristics determine which layer it belongs to the society. We can see that different social classes have different levels of cultural system, such as civilians and nobles, there is difference between the identity of their culture, such as China and the United States, there are differences between the two countries identified by the culture of the. Different brand positioning, the brand culture is certainly different, an identifying feature of cultural property is a brand, if the brand compared to a person, the brand culture attribute determines its social stratum. Therefore, the brand culture is the definition of brand community. Kang Dixing is a high-grade, has a noble temperament brand, certainly must have the corresponding brand culture. We have designed a &ldquo &rdquo type; noble spirit; as the core of the Kang Dixing brand culture system, so as to deduce the Kang Dixing brand culture connotation.

Kang Dixing brand advantage

Pure solid wood furniture is durable, natural environmental protection, use long time does not appear peeling or foaming phenomenon; veneer products mainly used is a fiber board, artificial board production using xylose and additive bonding extrusion system, will release a large amount of formaldehyde, can cause certain harm to the body. “ non natural products, and the panel by ” heat or moisture will lead to expansion of the paint off phenomenon. The pure solid wood furniture is all natural wood, to ensure the health of consumers. The advantages of Kang Dixing dining table, chair is mainly reflected in the: