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Kang Dixing brand core value

The value of " " refers to the interests of the consumer value, is refers to the brand with consumers can enjoy the benefits of the core values of the brand, the Kang Dixing, we from " use value, aesthetic value, cultural value, psychological value, service value of " five aspects summary.

(1) Use value

Mainly refers to the product durability and comfort, which is decided by the product size, structure, material, technology, quality. As a high-end brand, should give consumers beyond doubt in this area, so that consumers unconditional convinced Kang Dixing in this regard is all according to the standard to do. Can be extracted from one to two process characteristics are emphasized, in order to deepen the impression of consumers.

(2) Aesthetic value

Kang Dixing furniture from Chinese traditional style " ", " park has distinguished style " interaction; aesthetic characteristics. Luxury and luxury, concise but not simple, aesthetic characteristics and other Chinese traditional style, will bring consumers a unique aesthetic enjoyment.

(3) Cultural value

Kang Dixing furniture design comes from life and habits China, and from the China culture and history. So that each consumer can share the experience of culture.

(4) Psychological value

Kang Dixing " noble spirit; type " as a standard of value, life style and mode of interpretation of the Home Furnishing a set of elite, and thus obtain and China contemporary elite between psychological resonance, bring them social feelings and identity sense of superiority.

(5) Service value

Kang Dixing's service to provide customers with value from the " Home Furnishing space overall solution ". The service is to let Kang Dixing products to best display effect in every customer's Lidouda introduced, which includes the customer according to the space character home and to provide customers with customized products and services. This service is not only to sell products to customers, but really a high-end Chinese Home Furnishing mode to the customer.