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Our strength:

1. Store design support

Unified Kang Dixing furniture VI image design, assist the store location and site visits, according to the store location, area of design, and the tracking service to the construction process, the first sample mounting and professional exhibition atmosphere.

2.Management and operation support

The implementation of standardized management model to provide daily store, standardize various forms required for operation; sharing the city in case of successful marketing resources within the system; distribution partners anniversary, " five one " eleven " " major festivals such as market promotion activities and implementation.

3.Furniture design support

Kang Dixing has an independent product development department, with its unique design process of rigorous, meticulous spirit and Kang Dixing " on " furniture; furniture design concept combining design, sophisticated technology, simple and practical for Kang furniture. Kang Dixing furniture design style gradually to the furniture industry, the fashion forward, pay attention to the design and quality of coexistence, emphasizing the home life style, and in the most efficient way to bring forth the new through the old, to occupy the market.

4.Support and service system

The pre-sale, sale, after sale support to improve. Marketing center customer service hotline, to improve the response speed of the franchisee to consumers and service efficiency. Strengthen the terminal guidance services, to assist franchisees quickly deal with difficult problems, improve customer satisfaction.

5.Support brand marketing system

Kang Dixing in the marketing strategy innovation and investment, and gradually formed its own marketing system.

1.CCTV ad image heavy investment.

2.The company hard to promote and implement soft penetration in the network, newspapers, magazines and other media resources, allow the franchisee to publicity, sales more easily and effectively.